Monday, 23 July 2018

The Most Innovative Things Happening With 3d Printers? Also five innovative suggestion to have change your future

printer, 3d.

3d printing of the process of making a physical object from the three-dimensional digital model. 3d printing also called as additive manufacturing machine.


   By 2030, the printers will be updated to make the house. After that unemployment will increase. Value of engineers may be greatly reduced. Everything will be built in 3d. Maybe everyone will have a printer at home. Then the world will change. And, every person will have the same status. Price of everything will decrease (solid or hard objects only). Every person will be able to make anything (artificial). Price of everything will decrease. All contacts of the high profile people will come with the people of low profile. Then there will be no one like rich and poor. They will be just named. After that the violence will increase, the anger of people will increase, the weakness of everyone will be strengthened, every person will forget. Everyone will have their own shopping mall. Then the value non-artificial objects(projects) will be increased (i.e. water, food..). After that the unemployed will increase, all artificial objects(products) will be made by robots(3d printers). The middle class and Lower class people will not have much work. That time the people of high class. Live comfortably. Such a shortage of unemployment may have caused that everybody may even heat them (Loveless). Because of work decrease. So think of all of you making your high profile. By then you will be able to live comfortably. In other words, you do not have openings at all. As my suggestion, if you teach the following 3 or 4 option then there is a future brighter than now. 
1) digital literacy:- means everyone has taught internet basic(internet access).
2) unemployment.
3)access and analyze information.
4)emotional intelligence.



   In addition to these openings, if you are thinking of doing an engineer and temporary jobs then you do not have a better option. 
   Every country in the world where there is a shortage of population, every single task will be easy. Violence in that country will end. And I see that too. And each one has advanced things then all people will stop jealousy from each other.

  How's it work 3d printing?  |

   The process of like making a loaf of sliced bread but in reverse imagine baking each individual slice of bread and print a whole bike:-handlebar, chain, breaks, panels, saddles, frame and ready to assemble without any tools.
   It's an emerging technology(i.e. like a home, computers, mobile phones and other needed).

   -Size of printer's:- 677*368*565 Max size. 



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