Monday, 23 July 2018

World first robot girl to have citizenship of any country


 Hello people, introducing a robogirl Sofia.

   sophia was activated on April 19,2015. She's a humanoid robot.
   Really Sophia (Robogirl) has become a cultural icon.
   Devid Hanson, He's manufacturer of roblgirl with the help of all developers and the company is (Honson Robotics).
   Sophia official name is United Nations Development Programmes. In October 2017, is the first robogirl to receive citizenship of any country. And Sophia was created to look like AUDRY HEPBURN.

     Features of Sophia:-

   She displays more than 50 facial expressions and human gestures. and she's able to all of the answers certain questions and makes it a simple conversation.
   Sophia has seven robot humanoid. And the manufacturer is David Hanson.
   Sophia was upgraded with legs and the ability to walk at January 2018.
   Sophia is the highly incredible speaker in business and showed her process and great potential across may industrial. She has meet face to face.
   Sophia just like a computer program. The software has been programmed to give a pre-written response to specific questions.
   Also,  David Hanson has said that Sophia ultimately good to serve in healthcare, therapy & education. And Sophia runs on artificially intelligent software virtual data processing and facial expressions.

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   Saudi Arabia becomes the first country in the world to grant citizenship to a robogirl and the Sophia is a Greek baby name.

   Sophia said "Science and technology give sufficient opportunity for development. Machine and Robots are here to make life easier with the help of internet. We can connect to remote parts of the County to the reset the world and deliver quality education and other services ".

In this picture Robogirl wearing Indian culture dress (Saree).
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