Wednesday, 1 August 2018

No Man's Sky of next patch 1.52.1.

No Man's Sky next patch (1.52.1.)

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   Finally, no man's sky updates release. and all the fans picking up a lot of changes compared to the old version. the game has launched on pc. the game continuously releases updates and finally, we get new update 1.52.1 and its live on PC.
no man's sky,no man's sky inventory management,no man's sky next,no man's sky reddit,no man's sky update.

   The new free version of no man's sky adding multiplayer, character customization, command freighters, and visualization also There Are Some Drab Planets Out There, Patch Notes, Quality-of-Life Improvements, Galactic Atlas, New Visuals and the main thing to the included lot of missions no man's sky inventory management. NO man's sky first version launched in  August 2016 on PS4 and PC. now in 1.52.1 number of activities that players can do in the new No man's sky. In galaxies update, we can play together with the group. And now numerous upgrades add with better build up as well as we can be seen interesting characters ex:- Xenomorph alien type.
   1.52.1 fixes a few of the bugs on PC, Any condition anyone can want to save the game at that case player can do a lot of conditions, first is invalid characters failed to load saves game, and deletes a bug that stopped players in various places from knowing the Blueprint Analyzer after upgrading their save. Now, the game finds on various game site in ligule bases, otherwise failed to find any other site. 

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1.52.1 for PC (bugs fixes):-

- players would not know the Living Glass recipe after upgrading their save fixing issues.
- players would not know the Blueprint Analyser after upgrading their save the game of fixing issues.
- a lot of issues with Galactic Commission missions that involved freighters on the new patch.
- freighters bridge would unload after accepting a mission from the Galactic Commission Terminal after accepted.
- players would not see their ships docked aboard a freighter before the end of a mission.
- players would see multiple ships docked on the various landing pad before the end of the mission.
- as well as a lot of text bugs with Fixed a number of incorrect prices of next patch 1.52.1. 
No Man's Sky is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. coming soon to live on all platforms.

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