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Artificial Intelligence (Applications).

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Self-driving car:

Self-driving car

A self-driving car in other driverless car is a vehicle that uses a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence(AI) technology to travel between two destinations without a human involvement.
Also, To qualify all autonomous, a vehicle must be able to navigate without human operators to a predetermined destination over roads. In this invention full involvement of artificial intelligence now& future.
Highly effective diseases are the most important medical challenges of our time. And, that time AI is making it possible for doctors to see disease earlier and better understand it. AI is truly great with the promise to augment future superhuman doctors.

The Smartest Investor:

The Smartest Investor

In 2009, Ira Sages from Businessweek magazine challenged the Director of Quid AI, Bob Goodson, to program a computer to choose 50 companies that no one had heard of and turn them into the most successful startups, The last results all are surprised even the creator: Evernote, Spotify, Etsy, Zynga, Palantir, Cloudera, OPOWER...etc. 20% of the companies the computer chose were valued at a billion $.

Life On Other Planets:

Life On Other Planets

Most imp. involvement of AI in this application. because of NASA is already using AI to look for life on other planets.

A Non-Human Language:

A Non-Human Language

It means In internet life A machine talk to talk to each other in other languages without human involvement. 
EX: chatbot to chatbot (Facebook has recently started using machine learning to teach its chatbots to converse).

Marketing Guru:

Marketing Guru

Creating and Generating Content, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising,  Web Design, User Experience (UX). Its all about digital marketing factors and AI is better handled than humans in digital marketing. If you want full of information about Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing.

Accounting And Financing:

Accounting And Financing

Artificial Intelligence applies to these areas is Smacc. All you have to do is upload your receipts, and the other platform will convert them into a legible format for computers, then put them into your account. It will also learn to monitor invoices, sales, and costs, also your liquidity. also its important application of AI.

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